Guided Hunting Trips

Deer, Bear, Moose and Turkey

Maine has a variety of species to hunt; from the snowshoe hare in the winter months, Turkey in the spring and fall, Ruff Grouse and Woodcock in the fall, Deer, Black Bear, Moose (By Drawn Permit only),  and do not forget the predators and varmints available in given seasons.  Hunting in Maine is and has been a traditional heritage passed down for centuries;  Several populations of species have increased over the decades.  We are blessed with open farmland, tall timberlands, reforested growth from modern lumber practices; each of which hold good populations of one or several species.

Hiring a Registered Maine Guide gives you the the benefit of his or her knowledge of the locate area, the given habitat of the species your looking for and the knowledge of the game habits.  You came spend less time looking and locating and more time hunting.