Moose Hunts

Over the last 30 years, Maine Moose hunting trips have become an exciting Fall adventure for the lucky winners of the Hunt of a Lifetime.  New rules and procedures have leveled the playing field for those who have put in for the annual drawing in June.  Hire a Guide for your Hunt of a Lifetime. Maine Guides spend hours in the woods and know where your Moose resides as well as their feeding habitats; from the edges of swamps, to reforested timber cuts.  Depending on your permit location or WMD (Wildlife Management District), using a Maine Guide reduces the chance of going home empty handed and may decrease the time it takes for you to encounter your prize Maine Moose.  Several WMD zones produce a nearly 100% success rate.  Moose can be seen in several areas throughout the summer months; however, these animals change their habits quickly, both during the rut and after, as hunting pressure pushes them deeper into their habitat. Over the years several areas, have had heavy pressure and the Moose are no longer found walking the roads and outer cuttings. During the fall “Rut”, Bulls can be called in for close shots.  At other times, using calls will only drive this great creature deeper into the Maine woods. Maine has several seasons in numerous WMD’s with seasons stretching from September through the month of November.  Only licensed permit holders and their licensed sub-permittees may participate in a Maine Moose hunt.