Maine Turkey Hunts

Guided Spring & Fall Turkey Hunting

Guided Turkey Hunting Trips in Maine

Spring Turkey Hunts

Spring turkey hunts are generally undertaken out of Natural or camo ground blinds.  Maine Spring Turkey Hunts are for Toms only with a second Tom available with the purchase of a second permit.  Your Maine Guide will “Roost” the Toms the night before the hunt. Turkeys are then called into decoys within shooting range of your blind, using various calls to excite your bird.  Experience the heart pounding adventure of “calling” your wild Maine Turkey within range.


Fall Turkey Hunts

Fall Turkey Hunts in Maine allow for the taking of either Toms or Hens.  Calling birds in is not as effective as it is during spring hunts. The experienced Maine guide who knows where they are typically located; in their feeding grounds or moving between roost and feed, can find birds.  One Bird may be taken with a Fall Turkey permit.  The Turkeys have fed all summer and large broods can be often be found in reforested areas as well as Maine’s farmlands.

I have hunted the woods of Maine for many years. But never with a guide as hard working and experienced as Craig. I not only had a successful hunt but became friends with a good hunter and a true gentleman.

Dennis Isadore

Providence, Rhode Island